UL Beer Concentrate? WTF?

UL backpackers have been waxing poetic about dehydrated beer for a long time. Now, apparently, there’s a concentrated beer that is nearly beyond the vaporware stage and will be available for you to buy from your computer ONLY if you live in Talkeetna, AL AK.

Concentrated brew is brewed like a spirit without all the water. On the trail, all that’s required to enjoy a microbrew is to add water, carbonate and enjoy. As one of my 8th grade peers once noted, all one needs to do is “stick it in and enjoy!” This, patent pending, process saves water and is purported to be more cost effective.

Find out all the details here @ Pat’s Backcountry Beer site. Only time will tell if this is the backcountry panacea that all thirsty backpackers have been looking for!

Pat's Backcountry Beer

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2 Responses to UL Beer Concentrate? WTF?

  1. Mitch says:

    Minor correction, Alaska is abbreviated with AK. AL is Alabama

    • McLovin says:

      Indeed, thank you for correcting both Ploss’ original error and my oversight. We continue to hope that Pat’s Backcountry Beer will make the move from vaporware to availability; as of late March 2011 Pat’s was still “…in the final stretch and quickly adjusting our operations to ramp up for production. Just ironing out the last few details regarding logistics, packaging, and assembly. Check back soon…we’ll keep you posted.” Good luck Pat, we’re pulling for you patiently!

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