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Kalalau Trail Solo Hike – July 25-26, 2012

My family and I regularly vacation in Hawaii, having previously visited Maui and the big island. This year, we decided to repair ourselves to the garden island of Kaua’i, renowned for its stunning geography and fantastic features including the Waimea … Continue reading

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Bosavi Headlamp Review

I am NOT a patient internet customer. I enjoy quickly receiving things that I order and have even signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime to sate my desire for internet goods and services! My patience was tried … Continue reading

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South Sister Climb – August 7, 2010

My brothers and I have been discussing a family climb of South Sister for about a year. In late July, we finally agreed on a weekend and made formal plans to ascend the 3rd highest peak in Oregon! Fortunately for us, … Continue reading

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Hiking in Sandals

This year, I’ve become a huge fan of hiking in sandals, putting a ton of mileage on my Keen Newport H2‘s. These have been my shoes of choice for weekly hikes through nearly every condition with the exception of snow. … Continue reading

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UL Beer Concentrate? WTF?

UL backpackers have been waxing poetic about dehydrated beer for a long time. Now, apparently, there’s a concentrated beer that is nearly beyond the vaporware stage and will be available for you to buy from your computer ONLY if you live in … Continue reading

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Wildwood Trail: Done in a Day!

Awakening at O’dark-thirty on Saturday morning (actually 4:30am), I set off to fulfill my goal to day hike the entire Wildwood trail in Portland, OR, totaling just a hair over 30 miles. Given that none of my family members could even be bothered with this … Continue reading

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