Backpacking: It’s Not Just For Backpacking Anymore

My man Kevin Durant clearly understands the concept of Ready:Hike better than most, and the erstwhile Sonic is definitely looking Seattle, if feeling Oklahoma:

Kevin’s posture suggests that he may need to adjust his load and pack his postgame meal and other heavy items directly between his shoulder blades: this will provide greater load balancing benefits from his pack’s sternum strap, ideally replaced with the Most Awesome Sternum Strap I.T.W. from our friends at Mountain Laurel Designs. A smart move would be to attach an ultralight pack cover such as the Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil (small) which would ensure that #35 could quickly adjust to any unexpected mid-postgame interview precipitation he might experience. Lastly, to help with those really long press conferences I would recommend that Kevin swap out the stock back panel insert for the Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat, which would simultaneously improve the comfort and reduce the weight of his pack, while increasing the total utility of his gear. Good luck on the dais Kevin, we hope to see you back on a Pacific Northwest trail soon.

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Author: MCLOVIN. Age: 41. Disposition: Gimpy. Resident: Itinerary Obsessive. Ancestry: Dutch. Politically: Left/Side. Nutshell: Magellan, P.I. Philosophy: Kali Ma!
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