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Welcome to the review archive! Here you will find reviews for literally every item we own as well as those that are provided by manufacturers specifically for smackpacker review. We use the following ratings scale to detail the usefulness, quality, weight, and cost/value of the gear reviewed:

Don’t Bother: Not worth your time or money.
Not Bad: Flawed, adequate or average gear that may fit your particular needs.
Recommended: Good stuff we like, with a nitpick or two.
Highly Recommended: Truly excellent equipment. Don’t leave the trailhead without it!

Hiking in Sandals

This year, I’ve become a huge fan of hiking in sandals, putting a ton of mileage on my Keen Newport H2‘s. These have been my shoes of choice for weekly hikes through nearly every condition with the exception of snow. … Continue reading

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UL Beer Concentrate? WTF?

UL backpackers have been waxing poetic about dehydrated beer for a long time. Now, apparently, there’s a concentrated beer that is nearly beyond the vaporware stage and will be available for you to buy from your computer ONLY if you live in … Continue reading

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So You Picked Up a New Tarp. Now What?

Exploring guyline lengths and proper line lock usage with the Mountain Laurel Designs Cuben Solo Pro Tarp Continue reading

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Today’s Poll: Final Frontier?

As we each variously acquire new substitute additions to our Big 3, I’m curious where future weight savings might exist. Other than pack, bag and shelter, which item(s) would be next on your list for weight reduction, either by upgrade … Continue reading

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Quilt Trip: An Examination of UL Backpacking Quilts

A close look at a few of the lightest backpacking quilts available on the market today. Continue reading

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MLD eVent Rain Mitts Quick Review

After a bone-chilling hike in a downpour @ 38 degrees a week and a few days ago, forcing me to throw my poles into my pack and bury my hands in my pockets, I immediately decided that I needed some lightweight shells … Continue reading

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