Top 10 Gear List: 2008

Before I go all hey my gear sucks I need all new gear on myself (and y’all) here’s my* list of my* favorite shite. The 2009 list will undoubtedly include shiny new gear (sorry old gear).

1. Six Moon Design Gatewood Cape: order it now. No, seriously why are you still here. Ultimate UL multipurpose item available.
2. GoLite Jam2 Pack: it’s a 22 ounce backpack in a comfortable, simple design. Perfect for even a whole week on the trail if you’re not bringing the kitchen sink.
3. Tech4o TraiLeader 2: kick ass watch/altimeter/accelerometer/compass/thermometer/pimpy hiking gadget. Next best thing to a GPS, a topomap, an actual compass, or a sense of direction.
4. White Box Stove: as the proud owner of 4 alcohol stoves (and 1 lunar lander) this one is the best, hands down. This light ass item eliminates the need for a pot stand with a superior design that permits direct pot contact, thus maximizing surface contact with jets, and minimizing the demand for a wind screen (included). Only stove you’ll need (unless you like collecting them, like me).
5, Petzl e+LITE Headlamp: this has quickly become the favorite of the…5 light sources I currently own, owing to a best combination of weight (.9 oz), versalitiy (white + red LEDs), small/efficient headband (vs. Photon Microlight clip-ons) and cost ($30)
6. Mont Bell Down UL Inner Jacket: 8 ounces of light, warm comfort, feels like a hug from Mommy.
7. FireLite SUL-900 Titanium Pot: Best. Lid. Ever. Weighs less than 3 oz. with more than sufficient capacity (34.2 oz.) to cook 3 freezer bag meals (24 oz. H2O) with ~1 oz. denatured alcohol in the aforementioned white box stove with which it works perfectly.
8. SteriPEN Water Purifier: this would have been rated higher if I hadn’t had an issue on-trail that forced me to rock delicious iodine one lonely thirsty afternoon. Mmmm mmm! I can taste the purplish brown now. Advice: keep “unit” dry.
9. Bodyglide: Ohhh yeah. And, it totally rocks for keeping your wheels blister-free
10. Ex-Officio boxers: you can actually rock these comfortably for several 20+ miles days. Wear 1, carry 1, wash 1, repeat. Nuf said.

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Author: MCLOVIN. Age: 41. Disposition: Gimpy. Resident: Itinerary Obsessive. Ancestry: Dutch. Politically: Left/Side. Nutshell: Magellan, P.I. Philosophy: Kali Ma!
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