MYOG Challenge: Cuben Fiber Pack!

Ploss has been busy figuring out how to spend more money on more, lighter gear – and previously (earlier) whining about how homey don’t play sewing machines. HFY! A real man in need of a cuben fiber backpack should make his own! The only way to get the pack that’s exactly right for YOU is to rock it yourself:

  • This dude made a 2.54 oz. pack complete with a snowshoe pouch!?
  • These peeps will sell you everthing from cuben fiber and noseeum remnants to silnylon, zips and patterns!
  • BPL MYOG’ers are often using tape instead of sewing!

Are you telling me you couldn’t make this yourself? And better? An den?

In other words, I’m throwing down the MYOG gauntlet: why shell out for some hideous green eyesore used kleenex looking made by some other dude item when you can rock your own?! You might even save yourself a few bucks, and an @$$ kicking from the wife 😉

Footnote: we smack, but seriously if you aren’t looking to MYO cuben fiber pack check out Joe has designed a truly remarkable 4-5 oz. (+/- config) backpack capable of rocking a weeks’ worth of food and UL gear – think about that!  As such  – and after reading the Backpacking Light review (subscription required; PS: get one!) – I must admit I’m thinking about one myself. Odds are you’ll be seeing a Ploss review of a Zpack very soon. A green Zpack. An incredibly light, expertly made, fully functional, hideous neon Hulk-green Zpack. Which will lead me to…get my own or lead the next hike!

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