BPL Stix Mod: Redux

This is merely an addendum to Ploss’ post BPL STIX Mod: Aftermarket Tips from July 2009, which details how to properly add Leki aftermarket tips to these UL trekking poles. I’ve been resisting implementing this mod despite my fear of wrecking these apparent collector’s items (no longer offered from BPL as of February ’10) because, frankly, they were perfect – at 120cm they offered the sweet spot of length both uphill and down (McLovin is a hair over 6′ tall). Tough to mess with what’s not broken – yet!?

Reality was that the mod was much less punitive than I feared, both in added length and the completely negligible weight, and the process itself was as simple as Ploss suggested.

Length added: 3.8 cm exactly to 123.8 cm
Weight added: 0.2 oz. (5.7g) to 4.7 oz (per pole)

Before and After - er, After and Before (L to R)

This length will actually be closer to what I have used previously with my collapsible Black Diamond poles for use with the Gatewood Cape (shelter pole), and I’m looking forward to testing them on trail later this week. – MCL

About McLovin

Author: MCLOVIN. Age: 41. Disposition: Gimpy. Resident: Itinerary Obsessive. Ancestry: Dutch. Politically: Left/Side. Nutshell: Magellan, P.I. Philosophy: Kali Ma!
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