Timberline Lodge to Eagle Creek Fastpack

As discussed on the phone, what could be simpler than this overnight section hike roughly 52 miles in length – perfect for a nice, relaxing weekend. As a training hike, none get better and would be on a must-do list for McLovin if our weeklonger does in fact take us to the Olympics.

Next contestant: Filipe 8

This is a reasonable yet killer 2 day endurance test we should do no later than…Franken’s mountaineering schedule and snowpack permits.

Day Camp Distance Gain/Loss
1 Salvation Spring 25.8 -1830
2 Out 26.2* -4070
Total 52 -5900**

* Mostly accurate distance from Wahtum to Eagle Creek via Ruckel Ridge (TBD)
** Total elevation loss only; actual gain/loss TBD

Ideally we’d crash Friday night at Franken’s alpine abode, hit the Timberline trailhead at dawn Saturday, hit the trail by 8am Sunday, be picked up at Eagle Creek trailhead by 6pm Sunday.

About McLovin

Author: MCLOVIN. Age: 41. Disposition: Gimpy. Resident: Itinerary Obsessive. Ancestry: Dutch. Politically: Left/Side. Nutshell: Magellan, P.I. Philosophy: Kali Ma!
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2 Responses to Timberline Lodge to Eagle Creek Fastpack

  1. McKile says:

    Did you ever figure the actual elevation loss? My buddy and I did this hike in 2 days/1 night. From EC to Timberline lodge though!

    • McLovin says:

      That’s quite impressive! Where did you camp on your way up? We have yet to do this trip, and so while we don’t have an accurate field report on elevation loss, it’s going to be at least 5900′ given Timberline Lodge’s 6000′ elevation. How much up/down did you experience above Wahtum but below the Sandy River? How was the Sandy crossing?

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