Day Hike: Wildwood Trail Thru-Hike

Props to Ploss for this obvious omission: foot issues notwithstanding the Wildwood should go straight to the top of any day hike list. Of dispute is the actual length of the thing: apparently, it’s 30.2 miles.

The 30.2 mile long Wildwood Trail, a National Recreation Trail, is part of the region’s 40-Mile Loop system that links Forest Park to pedestrian and other routes along the Columbia River to Gresham, to Southeast Portland, along the Willamette Greenway, and back to the Marquam Trail in Southwest Portland.”

I’ll spare you a lot of all the GPS driven, speculative interwebs stuff I’ve read regarding the thing and will take this distance at face value. This means that we could get dropped off at the west end (Forest Park/St. John’s?) and hoof it back to Chez McLovin for a total distance of about 33.7 miles – call it 34. That, my friends, is a day hike. Scheduling TBD.

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