New (Future) WLT Itinerary

Yesterday Earlier Ploss and I had a random conversation about a future hike on the Wonderland and how we’d rock it differently next time. Here’s what we came up with for a more ideal 8 (7.5) day expedition; distance and elevation updated from 2008 estimates:

Day Camp Miles Gain Loss
Sat S. Puyallup River 11.8 4145 2925
Sun Golden Lakes 12.2 3700 2570
Mon Eagle’s Roost 12 2824 2725
Tue Mystic Lake 12 3665 3424
Wed Sunrise Camp 10 2095 1420
Thu Indian Bar 16 3550 3520
Fri Paradise River 17.4 3100 5240
Sat Out 5.5 150 1350
Totals 96.9 23229 23229

We I did a poor job of estimating elevation gain/loss last year – from Sunrise to Indian Bar, for example I was off by more than 1500′ of gain – d’oh! – and of course the stretch from Indian Bar to Nickel Creek was not ahem straight downhill. Fortunately in the past year I’ve learned how to properly use both an elevation profile and a pocket calculator.

Going back to the WLT and completing the circuit next time is a really high priority for me, and it was key to reminisce about good times at Rainier eh. I’d definitely like to throw out WLT: Da Return as an early candidate for 2010.

PS: totally hating with the flu, postponed my desert trip out 2 weeks

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